Posted by Aston Avery

Listen: Tackling chronic inflammation

A new report – Inflammunity: How Hidden Inflammation Is Harming Our Immune Response – commissioned on behalf of the Fruit Juice Science Centre delves into the latest hot topic – ‘inflammunity’ – and concludes that we are allowing chronic inflammation to hamper our immunity. However, the good news is that certain foods and natural drinks can help us turn this around.

It’s well understood that inflammation is a key culprit in causing reduced immune function. It’s worrying, therefore, that the real-world survey of more than 1,000 British adults featured in the report has found that fewer than half (46%) believe their immune function is up to the task as the pandemic drags on.

What’s more, 45% have never heard of polyphenols – powerful inflammation-fighting compounds found naturally in plant foods and drinks, such as orange juice.

Aston spoke to GP Dr Gill Jenkins from Fruit Juice Science Centre.

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