Posted by Aston Avery

Listen: the future of socialising in the virtual world

Prior to the start of the pandemic, socialising was viewed as meeting up, in person with family, friends, colleagues or even acquaintances and spending quality time together. However, over the period of the pandemic, ‘virtual’ meet ups became the norm which initially, people thought of as temporary. However, according to new research released today there are many who have found a new love for virtual socialising, particularly when it involves gaming with 3 in 5 Brits having said gaming is now their favourite way to socialise.

Seemingly the pandemic, has led many to re-think how they choose to spend time with their friends, with almost half of those surveyed (47%) claiming that they actually prefer now playing with friends online as opposed to in person. Two fifths (40%) have even said that they would prefer to play videogames against holograms of their friends rather than with their friends in person.

Though, based on Virgin Media O2’s survey, a lot of this is dependent on internet connection with 94% having said they are reliant on good quality broadband connection.

Aston spoke to TV presenter Lucy Hedges.

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