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Listen: the TV bingeing effect

Did growing up watching Alan Partridge inspire a career in the radio or TV industry? Or maybe a job at the BBC beckoned after tuning in to W1A? While it seems slightly absurd to choose a career based on a TV programme, a new study suggests what we watch on the telly might be having a bigger impact on our decisions than we would like to believe.

A new study by FutureLearn explores how TV and streaming obsessions could be inspiring Brits to make different career choices and how pop culture continuously influences academia, training and jobs. And with the latest ONS figures showing job-to- job moves totalling 979,000 between July and September, are the TV shows that grip the nation the reason for the great resignation?

Multiple lockdowns and working from home has resulted in many Brits having more time to binge TV shows and now, new research reveals how they are a contributing factor to what people want to learn about and their possible career paths and choices.

Aston spoke to educational psychologist Dr Kairen Cullen.

Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

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