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Listen: tips for avoiding toddler tantrums

With the summer holidays almost upon us, the countdown is on to head off on that family trip.  In fact, nearly half (46%) of parents of young children (1-4yrs) will most likely be going on a family staycation.

In total, they expect to spend a whopping 31 hours in a car travelling with their children this summer and for most (63%) those long car trips are stressful.

Parents will understand that feeling of exhaustion just minutes into a car journey when all the signs suggest a travel tantrum is imminent! So, what is it that parents are most worried about and how can they spot the toddler tells in time to ensure a smooth journey?

That;s according to new research by Bing.

Aston spoke to child psychologist Prof Sam Wass.

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

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