Posted by Aston Avery

Listen: what can you do at home to help the plant?

We’ve all seen the scenes this week – lofty leaders shaking hands, listening intently and making grand statements. We’ve also watched as activists have taken to art and glueing themselves to the street.  For many of us, the extremes have left us all a bit confused about what is right and what to do.

But the UN has made the point that individual action is just as important as statements being made at places like COP this week.

Sue Skeats watched as a team member in her business ordered a cup of coffee on one of those apps. The delivery driver arrived, on his moped, with the coffee in plastic, laden with extra straws and coffee holders. The team member had to nip into a meeting and so the coffee went cold. Sue watched as the coffee and its plastic went into the landfill bin.

And in this moment, she had the idea of creating ‘100 Ways in 100 Days’ that focuses on psychology and the marginal gains we can do each day to help the planet.

Aston spoke to Sue Skeats, founder of 100 Ways in 100 Days and psychologist Claire Gregory.

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