Posted by Aston Avery

Listen: what does the UK think of the outcome of COP26?

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of people agree that the Government should factor the impact of climate change on future generations into every decision it takes (only 9% disagree).

Switching to renewable energy (48%), insulating homes, and replacing gas boilers (38%) and planting trees (33%), are among the most popular policies that can help reduce the impact of climate change, according to Brits. Younger people are far more in favour of ending the sale of petrol cars (46%) and the production of fossil fuels in the UK (35%). Older people prefer switching to renewables (57%) and planting trees (45).

The UK has committed to acting on climate this year as it remains COP President until November 2022. Yet only 9% of those aged 45-64 think the government has paid much more attention to climate change and environmental issues since the end of COP26.

Aston spoke to Dr Sam Nadel, head of government relations at Oxfam and ornithologist and influencer Mya-Rose Craig a.k.a Birdgirl.

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