Posted by Aston Avery

Listen: why we’re creating excuses to avoid going to the gym

On average we’re making up to two excuses every day to justify skipping healthy habits, with half of Brits (50%) admitting they spend more time coming up with the excuses than it would have taken to actually do the task they are trying to avoid. The poll even revealed some of the far-fetched excuses that we as a nation are using, including “having to spend time with my hamster”, “my dog ate my shoes” and “I’m washing my hair”.

Beyond being masters of our excuses, the research highlighted that more than half (54%) admitted they will find other things they ‘need’ to do rather than the healthy task at hand, such as going to the gym. Avoidance tactics included tidying, completing ‘this level’ on a videogame, and having a busy day at work.

The research was conducted by Bassetts Vitamins to understand more about healthy habit formation to help encourage people to take on these tasks, whether it’s digging out those trainers, or simply getting into a routine each morning.

Aston spoke to neuroscientist Katherine Templar-Lewis.

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