Posted by Aston Avery

Louise Minchin on having more open conversations

The topic of what’s next is often seen as an uncomfortable conversation. Whether it’s with friends, family or even work colleagues.

But now veteran TV presenter, journalist and author Louise Minchin is urging people to have open conversations about what they are leaving behind and break the negative stigma around talking about planning for the afterlife, following the death of her colleague and former cohost Bill Turnbull, as well as her husband’s own battle with cancer.

New research suggests a fifth of Brits think about their death on a weekly basis, with those aged 18-29 (13%) considering their own mortality more often than their older counterparts, with only those in their 70s thinking about it more (14%). Why might this be and is there something that we can learn from the younger generation when it comes to being open considering our own mortality?

Aston spoke to broadcaster Louise Minchin.

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