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Love Island’s Dr Alex on Gateway

4th October 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

As we enter GP’s busiest seasons – Autumn and Winter – new research reveals that many Brits are avoiding visiting their doctor. For some, the anxiety and stress of visiting the GP is too much (46%), and many simply don’t like going (34%) despite it being an important part of our ongoing health, according to data from Co-op Health.

66% say that they have put off booking an appointment – when they know they should really go. Almost a quarter of us simply couldn’t get an appointment and so gave up. One in ten of us didn’t want to share the reason for the appointment with the receptionist. A further 10% couldn’t be seen outside of working hours – so delayed going.

6% of us admit to lying about needing an emergency appointment – saved for the most serious of cases – simply to see their GP sooner. 44% say they can never get an appointment on the first try – with many trying up to 8 times. As a direct result of putting off a visit to the doctors, 23% say their symptoms became much worse, 22% believe their illness lasted longer and 11% had to have emergency treatment (either going to A&E or having an emergency GP appointment).

Aston spoke to Dr Alex George, 2018 Love Island contestant and Rachael Clarke, pharmacy superintendent at co-op health to discuss what we can all do to help and they also spoke about a new app that co-op have launched.