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Mass tourism’s toll on travel

Imagine a time when the concept of a “holiday” was non-existent, when life was not just short and brutish but also largely domestic, confined to one’s immediate surroundings. Over time, human society’s evolution has seen significant changes in how we perceive and approach the idea of a holiday.

New data from Wise reveals that the concept of holidays has evolved dramatically, with changing motivations, preferences and behaviours shaping the landscape of travel and tourism. The aim of this study is not only to understand these shifts but to offer insights that would empower the discerning traveller of today.

Theme parks featured significantly in domestic travel preferences, with 43% of respondents having visited Alton Towers and 42% having experienced the thrills of Blackpool Pleasure Beach. These results suggest that UK residents have a penchant for thrill-based vacations that whisk them away from the mundanities of daily life, hinting at a national inclination towards adrenaline-filled experiences. Besides this, historical and natural attractions such as Brighton Pier (33%), Edinburgh Castle (29%), and Cheddar Gorge (25%) also garnered a significant level of interest, indicating a continued appreciation for UK’s rich history and natural beauty.

Aston spoke to historian and podcaster Dominic Sandbrook.

Photo by Timo Stern on Unsplash

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