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McFly’s Harry Judd on Gateway 97.8

9th October 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Since ancient times music has been linked to wellness, with drum therapy being used as an approach to help people feel happier. Since then, studies have proven that drumming has amazing emotional benefits including reducing anxiety and even blood pressure.

This well-hidden wellness secret is now being brought to the forefront of wellness therapies, with McFly star and drummer Harry Judd calling for everyone to awaken their drumming instincts for better mental health and wellness.

Having experienced his own battles with anxiety and depression during his time with McFly, Harry has become a passionate advocate for men’s mental health after finding the courage to seek help from health professionals, who explained that taking care of our mental health is no different to taking care of our physical health.But it’s not just drumming pros like Harry that can get involved. Harry is working alongside brand-new London-based drumming experience, BeatOrbit, to make group drumming accessible to everyone.

Opening this month, BeatOrbit is a first of it’s kind experience based in Camden, London. This immersive drumming experience pits you against friends, family or colleagues to release your fire and beat them to the top spot. The new experience will help workers and residents of the capital alike to release stress and endorphins in a playful environment.

Aston spoke to Harry Judd, drummer from pop group McFly, 2011 Strictly Come Dancing champion and author to discuss how drumming can put you on the road towards better mental health.