Posted by Aston Avery

Mental health battle on civvy street

Moving back into civilian life after time spent in the Armed Forces can be a huge shock for many veterans. However, a new study explores the extent of the mental health problems faced by ex-service men and women when returning to civvy street.

A major study released today by Help for Heroes’ shows the overwhelming majority (73%) of veterans with long-term health conditions are struggling with their mental health on a daily basis. Sadly, the same number (73%) who suffer from long term pain report to suffering from long term pain frequently and 82% say they have difficulty sleeping every single day.

To coincide with World Mental Health Day on Sunday 10th October, the research highlights how veterans and serving personnel with long-term health conditions are facing daily battles in managing their mental health and wellbeing. Most (70%) are unsure they have the tools to manage their long-term health condition while seven in 10 (70%) believe they will need mental health support in the future.

Aston spoke to Sarah Jones, head of psychological and well-being at Help For Heroes.

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