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Millions are financially and digitally underserved in the UK

7th September 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

When it comes to digital engagement, the UK has made five years’ worth of progress in just over a year. People using digital tools and services have a real advantage. They are more likely to build their saving reserves, find new ways to save money on services and can more easily find and access new information. However, for those living in poverty or on low incomes, the digital divide has been exacerbated by the rapid shift to digital during national lockdowns.

New research from Clean Slate and Mastercard shows that 1.6 million people in the UK are currently financially and digitally underserved. Furthermore, millions want to improve their lives with the aid of relevant skills but admit they feel left in the dark.

Mastercard, Good Things Foundation and Clean Slate have joined forces on programme to support digitally and financially excluded people across UK. Nobody in the Dark offers personalised support to digitally and financially excluded people from 20 centres across the UK, helping those who have been cut off throughout the pandemic.

Aston spoke to Emma Kernahan, support worker at Clean Slate.