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Most creative time of the day revealed

22nd May 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

The average Brit is at their most creative at 12:35pm, with this point of the day supposedly when we channel our very best ideas.

And it’s all in the surroundings, with over a third (35%) of those polled claiming their best ideas come to them when going for a walk, which might explain why taking a break at lunchtime is when we feel most creative.

That’s according to research by Microsoft Surface, which looked at the creative habits of the nation.

Aston spoke to Dominic Wilcox artist, designer, inventor and also Gillian Binks company lead for Microsoft surface about the most creative time of the day and also about research behind it as well.

Dominic Wilcox & Gillian Binks interview with Aston Avery