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Most expensive countries to fall ill on holiday revealed

22nd August 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

The average medical claim from Brits who became poorly whilst abroad is over £1,500, with heart attacks topping the list for the most expensive claim at more than £8,000. From tummy aches to typhoid, heart attacks and strokes, Staysure has revealed a shocking price index highlighting some of the most common ailments Brits suffered whilst on their jollies in 2018.

Gastroenteritis was the number one claimed for ailment in 2018, with a bout of the nasty stomach condition incurring a medical bill costing on average £852. Suffering a heart attack abroad was the costliest of any common illness, with the life-threatening condition setting holiday makers back an average of £8,104 in medical expenses.

Lung conditions which include emphysema and chronic bronchitis, as well as strokes, made up the top three most expensive claimed for medical conditions last year; with an average cost of £5,686 and £5,500 in associated medical bills respectively. Unsurprisingly, Brits favourite holiday hotspot Spain saw the most medical claims in 2018, with 34% of all claims coming from the Mediterranean. This was closely followed by Greece and the US, with 10% of all Staysure’s claims originating from these two destinations.

Aston spoke to Dr Hilary Jones, GP and TV personality to reveal which countries have the most medical claims and also what are common illnesses whilst on holiday.