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Mother’s Day laundry

17th March 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

A card and a bunch of flowers might not be the only gift Mums in the East of England receive this Mother’s Day as it’s been revealed that the majority of women with grown up children living in the region are still relied upon to do laundry, even after their kids have flown the nest.

A staggering 72 percent of adults from the region have taken a bag of laundry home to Mum when visiting, while a whopping 73 percent of those living in Norwich have admitted to using their parents washing machine since they have left the family home, according to latest research conducted by Beko.

Nearly a fifth of residents, in the East, admit their Mum does the lion’s share of the washing in their household, but while the matriarch takes charge when it comes to laundry, Dad takes a back seat. Only 5 percent of people would ask their father to wash clothes for them and less than 10 percent would ask him for laundry advice.

Aston spoke to Shalika Hooda, Brand Manager at Beko to discuss the Mother’s Day research that reveals how we’re all taking laundry home to Mum.