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Mr Plant Geek on gardening in A winter wonderland

When the sun is shining it’s so easy to get in our gardens with a watering can and plant pots and get our fingers green. But when the days get shorter, and colder, we’re more inclined to give our green hands a rest for the year.

In fact, only 2% of UK adults will spruce up their garden in the winter compared to 30% of us in springtime. And for nearly a quarter of us (24%) all our hard yards put in during summer come undone in winter when we do not protect our plants from the cold.

The harsher conditions created in winter mean many of us do not want to be outside with 39% of us reporting that the lack of warm weather is what deters us from beautifying our garden. As a result, 80% of UK adults opt to not plant any bulbs during the winter months.

When it comes to making sure our flowers make it to Spring, research from HIPPO has discovered that surprisingly 76% of UK adults don’t protect their plants from the cold.

Aston spoke to Michael Perry a.k.a Mr Plant Geek.

Photo by Jonathan Hanna on Unsplash

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