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Multi-lingual Brits enjoy higher earning potential

4th October 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

A new study from top language jobs has found that being multilingual is on the rise, with more people adopting a second language in a bid to get ahead in their career. Findings highlight how Brits are using languages to benefit their careers, with over half of the population who speak more than one language saying they use it actively in their job. In fact, 68% say it directly benefits their career, through increased opportunities and, even, better pay.

Over a third (39%) of Brits speak more than one language; the most popular being French (40%), Spanish (24%) and German (23%), and with globalisation at an all-time high, the job market facing political and economic uncertainty – and of course, Brexit – languages are becoming increasingly important as competition within the job market continues to heat up.

Older generations are in danger of being left behind whilst their younger counterparts quickly adapt to this. 18-24-year olds are the most likely to know more than one language (66%) compared. This compared to only a quarter of the 55-64s. They believe it positively impacts their career potential, with 74% of 18-34s saying they actively use other languages in their careers (vs only 24% of 55-64s). Whilst a whopping 89% of 18-34s say that knowing more than one language benefits them in their career, double that of their older counterparts.

Aston spoke to Alex Fourlis, managing director at top language jobs to discuss about the importance of languages for our careers, and the future careers of our children.