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Mummy’s boys & crafty daughters

21st March 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Buying a present for Mother’s Day can be tricky – how do you find the perfect gift that truly honours the love you have for the person that gave you everything? New research shows that Brits buy their Mother’s Day presents a week before the big day, so never fear – there’s still time. Also, while Brits spend around £32 on a gift, maybe you’re one of the UK’s proven ‘Mummy’s Boys’, that spend more on average on their Mum than daughters do? (£36/£28)

However, girls across the country are utilising their craftier sides and getting creative, with a tendency to offer-up homemade gifts more than boys (19%/6%). Sons are also far more likely to have a gift bought by a partner (29%/9%), showing how thoughtful the nation’s daughters truly are.

Aston spoke to gifting expert, Christina Kaiser who gave us a on hand approach to ensure we’re buying the best presents possible and ensuring, no matter what the budget, Mothers everywhere are spending their day the happiest they can be.

Gifting Expert Christina Kaiser interview with Aston Avery