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National Bingo Day

Britain is an eccentric, quirky nation. And when it comes to what makes us quintessentially British, a few things spring to mind; The ability to form an orderly queue, fish and chips at the seaside, our obsession with tea, the unwavering love we have for football, and our eclectic mix of regional accents.

There are almost 40 different British accents and dialects that sound vastly different from each other and now new research by The Bingo Association reveals how accents can play a big role in attractiveness (26%), with the Irish accent being the favourite for over one in seven (15%) Britons.

The voice tells us a lot about a person; smoothness (27%), and tone (26%) are considered to be some of the most attractive voice traits by Brits, with warm dulcet tones (38%) clinching the top spot.

Aston spoke to reigning champion for bingo caller of the year Benj Maycock.

Photo by Philip Oroni on Unsplash

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