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Nation’s nutritional myths debunked by UK Football’s leading nutritionist

As the nation has spent the summer indulging, many people are looking to September as a time to get back on track. However, Herbalife Nutrition uncovers the most widespread nutritional myths Brits believe in, and the harm they’re causing to our nation’s health habits, or even our bodies.

Over half (54%) still believe that certain foods can help you burn fat, over one in three (36%) believe fasting can make you lose weight quickly, and a further third (29%) say egg whites are more nutritious than egg yolks.

A quarter (26%) of Brits also believe you can eat whatever you want as long as you exercise, that you need to consume protein right after your workout (26%), and that carbs are bad for you or fattening (25%). A further quarter (24%) are adamant that plant based protein isn’t as nutritious as animal protein, and one in five (21%) view all sugar as being bad for you, regardless of where it comes from. A further fifth (20%) also state that giving up gluten can help you to lose weight.

Cameron spoke to football’s leading nutritionist Dr Richard Allison.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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