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New book launched to help people understand apprenticeships

t’s that time of year when many parents pack up the car and drive up and down the country to drop off their child at university to start their next chapter, however this isn’t the case for 55% of school leavers.

Not going down the university route can seem daunting and alternative options might not always seem as appealing which could be due to the lack of recognition and knowledge around different routes to future careers.

In fact, just over a third of UK adults (38%) agree that schools don’t provide enough information on alternatives to university and 25% feel there aren’t enough resources available to educate people on the benefits of apprenticeships. Additionally, only 44% would be confident in giving advice to school leavers on routes to apprenticeships.

Ben Rowland, a leading expert and advisor on apprenticeships and post-school options, is releasing his latest book today, Understanding Apprenticeships: A Student’s Guide, to support parents, teachers and students alike.

Aston spoke to Ben Rowland, author of ‘Understanding Apprenticeships: A Student’s Guide’.

Photo by Glenn Carstens Peter on Unsplash

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