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New research on our Christmas drinking habits

We’ve all been there, “one won’t hurt” or “go on, it’s the time to be merry.” The festive season can certainly be very “merry.” But for those who are trying to reduce their alcohol intake, the month of December can be a challenging time.

Charity With You has released new research which has found 19% of us worry about drinking more alcohol and 28% feel pressure to do so. In fact, 25% believe there is an “expectation” to drink more when meeting friends and family, whilst 23% say they drink for 5 days or more during the month of December.

Furthermore, 16% are concerned about spending too much money on booze and 15% are concerned about feeling like they need to drink alcohol to have a good time with family and friends. This comes as 12% turn to drinking to cope with loneliness or bereavement (11%) and past trauma (10%).

Aston spoke to Jon Murray, executive director of service delivery for England at With You.

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Please drink safely:

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