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New treatment reducing scars before surgery

28th May 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

A new ground-breaking cream can reduce scarring before it occurs.

Created by Science of Skin, the cream uses an active ingredient called EGCG, a natural anti-inflammatory found in green tea, and in previous clinical trials, it was proven to better scar appearance and scar mobility when used after surgery, while reducing scar thickness by 20% and scar redness by 40%. But, astonishingly, a new ground-breaking double-blind clinical trial has shown that the cream is markedly more effective in doing so when used before surgery even begins.

The cream comes as research shows that over half of Brits are wary of certain medical procedures due to their potential for scarring. More than a third (34%) are concerned about how mole removal might affect their appearance, while close to a quarter of women (22%) said they were wary of caesarean sections due to the procedure’s link to scarring.

Aston spoke to the cream’s creators Douglas McGeorge MBE and Professor Ardeshir Bayat.