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No haggling please, we’re British!

22nd August 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

The saying goes, there are two things you should never talk about in life: money and politics… and it would seem that some of us have really taken this to heart as it is revealed that 85% wish we had the confidence to haggle to save ourselves money. Could it be that in this era of price comparison we now see the cost shown as non-negotiable? Well, not according to Auto Trader who commissioned the report. The data shows that it isn’t price that is stopping us – it is our own very British traits.

47% of us say we would find it far too awkward to even raise the subject of price when buying something, 31% would simply die of embarrassment if they did and just under 2 million of us would be mortified if the shop owner thought we were ‘cheap’! But does that really matter when we could keep the money in our pockets rather than in the till?

Aston spoke to Erin Baker, consumer champion and automotive editor at auto trader to discuss the research and also to get you started on your journey to haggling success…