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Oliver on Daytime!

19th February 2019
Posted by Radio Club

Today I have been training up Oliver to be able to present Daytime here on Gateway 97.8 its his first ever Daytime show.

He has be doing Radio Club for around 2 years now and gaining experience with the takeover at 11am.

After 2 years of that, he has had the opportunity to give Aston a break and give himself the chance to prove to the station that he is capable of presenting a show. Since around the age of 4, Oliver has suffered with Dyspraxia and being able to independently present his own show is amazing.

Here we go here are some of the moments from Olivers time here at Gateway 97.8:

Olivers Jingle
Another Interview

Thats just some of the work that Oliver has done since being here at Gateway 97.8. Hopefully there is more to come if his Arsenal Tour does not get in the way!

More information on Radio Club here.