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Olympic gold medalist Greg Rutherford on the importance of sleep

New researchby Dreams has today revealed thatjust over half (55%) of Brits believe that they don’t get enough sleep, despite 63% agreeing that having a sleep routine would have a positive impact on their sleep.

The data showed that just under three quarters (73%) of people do feel that they have a nighttime routine, but despite their seemingly organized schedule, 39% feel they only get an average of 5 -6 hours of quality sleep. Those with no routine suffer even more, averaging just 3-4 hours of quality sleep a night.

Some people’s sleep routines consist of just the basics like brushing teeth (70%), changing into pyjamas (49%), washing face (39%), setting an alarm (36%), but apart from reading a book (36%), very few include calming activities to wind down before bed, like having a bath or shower (18%), stretching (10%), breathing exercises (9%) or meditation (8%).

Aston spoke to Greg Rutherford, Olympic gold medalist, 2016 Strictly Come Dancing contestant and 2019 Celebrity Masterchef winner.

Photo by Greg Rivers on Unsplash

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