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Over 50s facing discrimination in the workplace

January is often considered to be the best time to job hunt and make a switch to something new – 40% of the UK agree. But new research has revealed a number of obstacles facing older generations when it comes to progressing in their careers or finding work again.

The report, conducted by not-for-profit organisation Brave Start – which includes survey results from more than 6,000 Brits aged 50+ – details how much of the middle-aged population feel there is a lack of flexible work available to them (32%), that they’re financially stuck (31%), and that they simply don’t know what to do next (75%). But perhaps most concerning is how 4 in 10 say they come up against age discrimination in hiring processes.

By employers not giving those over 50 a fair crack at the whip – despite them offering a wealth of talent and experience – the UK economy is currently missing out on a huge £6.6 billion every year. The number of people aged 50+ in full-time employment has fallen by 182,000 since 2019, even though a significant 800,000 are seeking new work.

Aston spoke to Lucy Standing, chartered psychologist and founder of Brave Starts.

Photo by Glenn Carstens Peter on Unsplash

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