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Over half of Brits buying their own birthday presents

20th September 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Gifting is a fantastic experience. Both giving and receiving fill us with contentment, a feeling we seek out at every possible moment. In fact, 78% of us have bought ourselves a present: 55% for our birthdays and 18% self-congratulate on a new job or promotion, be that to make sure the gift we receive is something we actually want (42%) or simply to cheer ourselves up (59%). Some of us (16%) are just plain selfless, not wanting others to spend their hard-earned cash on us. Regionally, it’s Londoners who are most likely to buy themselves a gift. 85% of those from the region have treated themselves to a present, followed by those from Scotland, Yorkshire and the South East (79%).

New research from retailer TK Maxx, shows that we Brits are more likely to exercise self-care by splashing the cash on ourselves. 43% spending over £100 on gifts for ourselves, compared to 13% spending that amount on a friend. Although we’re certainly not ashamed of it. Only 34% wouldn’t tell their partner they purchased a gift for themselves, and 56% don’t even bother to hide them… Even those who do could be rumbled by a small child with their hiding places: 50% at the back of the wardrobe, 25% under the bed and 15% in the car boot!

75% say they’ve never bragged about receiving an expensive gift, but a naughty 3% of us love to show off. 1 in 10 of us will look up the price of a gift each and every time we receive one. As a nation, we are thoughtful gifters on the most-part. 82% would buy a birthday present for someone, but almost a fifth (17%) expect that favour to be returned.

Aston spoke to Jo Bryant, etiquette expert to discuss the research and also to give her top tips and guidance on better gifting and receiving.