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Pandemic pressures leaving social housing residents in financial hardship

Those living in social housing are disproportionately affected by the Covid pandemic and the risks to employment
associated with automation, says the findings of a new report from the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and
Commerce (RSA).

The report, created in partnership with Clarion Housing Group, the largest social landlord in England, shows that
four in ten (41%) social housing residents are ‘just about’ managing financially, considerably worse than private
renters and homeowners. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has worsened this, as a fifth have experienced a
decrease in economic stability since March of 2020.

In the face of a cost of living crisis, the report finds that wages for social housing residents are set to fall in real
terms, as fewer than four in ten (38%) of social renters receive an annual incremental pay increase, six percentage
points fewer than both owner occupiers and private renters.

Aston spoke to David Avery. social housing advocate and chair of Clarion Housing Group.

Photo by Colin Watts on Unsplash

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