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Parents are concerned about their child’s development

After two years of home schooling and interrupted learning, new research has found that nearly seven in ten parents (67 percent) are worried that the pandemic has impacted their child’s development, with 43 percent of those worried about their child’s social development in particular.

In particular, nearly half (44 percent) of worried parents are anxious about their child’s emotional development, expressing concerns that their child has difficulties communicating their feelings, expressing anger or other emotions, and dealing with things they don’t like. An additional 43 percent of concerned parents have worries about their child’s social development, fretting about their child’s lack of confidence or having difficulties interacting and communicating with others.

The research, which comes from PGL, the UK’s leading provider of adventure trips for schools, found that nearly a fifth of all parents (18 percent) believe their child to be less confident and independent than they should be for their age.

In response to the pandemic, PGL, which is famous for its rite of passage school trips, is opening up a new adventure programme called pioneers, designed to specifically help year 4 pupils get back on track and experience independent learning and development.

Aston spoke to psychologist Honey Langcaster-James.

Photo by Nikoline Arns on Unsplash

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