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Parents dread taking time off to look after children during school holidays

25th June 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

A quarter of parents say they dread taking time off work to look after their children during the school holidays… but perhaps not for the reasons you’d think. In fact, it seems the main reason for their concern is not digging into their annual leave but worrying about coming up with fun and exciting things to keep the kids preoccupied (37%).

Research carried out by Camp Beaumont and Kingswood also found a further third of parents worry about their child becoming bored. And the children seemingly agree with these worries – three quarters say they do indeed get bored of staying at home during the school holidays.

Aston spoke to Dr Alice Jones Bartoli, school and family psychologist to discuss the research and also the different things that children could do during the school holidays.

Dr Alice Jones Bartoli interview with Aston Avery