Parents feel they’re failing their kids

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Why are parents so hard on themselves? Mums and dads across the country admit to feeling like bad parents on a daily basis, research from Kinder has revealed. Most of that guilt comes from behaviour of the parents themselves with more than half (51%) blaming the fact that they lose their temper with their children. Meanwhile, more than a third (38%) also think they spend too much time on their phone.

Others blame their parental decisions, allowing their children to spend too much time on screens (46%), or not making them read on a daily basis (24%). According to their children though, they are doing a fantastic job. They overwhelmingly know that their parents are trying their hardest (98%), with almost all (98%) happily believing that they have the best parents in the world.

The only things they wish their parents would do more of is let them stay up later (47%), help them bake (43%), take them for picnics (37%) and play more board games with them (35%) – surprisingly in higher demand than cooperative video games (30%).

Aston spoke to Dr Elizabeth Kilbey, child psychologist from the secret life of 4/5/6 year olds to discuss the research and also offered her own advice what parents need to improve on whilst with their children.

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