Posted by Aston Avery

Parents struggling to combat a dinner table deadlock

Getting children into healthy eating habits can feel like a never-ending battle with new research showing that two thirds of parents end up arguing with their child over mealtimes an average of twice a week.

While parents are desperate for their children to be more adventurous, 83% of parents said they ended up cooking the same meals for their children regularly, as a quarter (24%) admitted that they had given up even trying to get their child to try new foods.

The research was conducted to launch the latest entry in the Teach Your Monster game series, Adventurous Eating. Developed by a team of experts, this children’s learning game is designed to help kids get excited about fruit and vegetables in a fun, tactile and engaging way.

Aston spoke to child feeding specialist & psychologist Dr Lucy Cooke.

Photo by Stefan Vladimirov on Unsplash

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