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Pets pointlessly put to sleep

19th September 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

For many of us, our pets are an integral part of the family, loved and cherished just as much as our nearest and dearest. However, taking care of them can be expensive especially if they are suddenly taken seriously ill. The usual upkeep isn’t cheap – Food, preventative treatments plus sometimes you splash out on special treats and toys. Not to mention there are the unscheduled trips to the vet which can cost the earth.

More than half (51%) of pet owners admitted vet bills are the biggest burden and 26% say that finding the time and getting the pet in the car to go to the surgery are also big issues. What’s more, more than a third (35%) have had to borrow money from friends, family and use credit cards or even sell prized personal belongings to cover the costs when their pet has been seriously ill. A shocking 7% admitted they have had to put their pet to sleep because they couldn’t afford the vet bills.

Technology can be a useful tool to help pet owners on budget and manage their money more effectively. Pet charity Blue Cross (who have comissioned the research) have partnered with PawSquad, a 24/7 consultation app where pet owners on means tested benefits can contact an unlimited number of qualified vets online at a discounted price, to ask for advice and relieve worries any time of the day or night.

Aston spoke to Caroline Reay, head of veterinary services for Blue Cross to discuss how much money we spend on our pets, her top tips on how to keep our friends happy and healthy on a budget and  how pets owner can use the new app.