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Plastic savvy is the new plastic free

28th July 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

We rely on plastic for so many things – shopping bags, water bottles and food packaging to name a few. But as we become more eco-conscious as a nation, there is a push to use alternative materials, or get better at reusing the materials we have.

With over 80% of Brits admitting they couldn’t go a single day without using plastic, there is still some way to go, which is why eco-company Circular&Co. is urging people to get plastic savvy rather than get rid of it altogether.

The biggest offender in the fight to get more plastic savvy is the everyday supermarket plastic bag. According to new research, the average each person uses 10 single-use supermarket bags a week – that’s 671 MILLION nationwide every single week.

Aston spoke to Dan Dicker, founder of Circular&Co.

Photo by Kevin Lehtla on Unsplash