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Post Office goes hi-tech in battle against fraudsters

23rd August 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

Post Office has today announced the latest step it’s taking to combat fraud. Customers can now collect parcels and letters from Post Offices using a free app on their phone to show their ID, instead of having to bring a document such as a passport or driving license with them.

Use of the new Post Office EasyID app will complement existing face-to-face verification using documents, providing a convenient alternative for those who choose it.

Among other benefits, the app will make life easier for the millions of people who buy items online from retailers like Amazon and get them delivered to their local Post Office for collection. It is also handy for those who miss a home mail delivery, and choose to get it delivered to a local Post Office instead.

The free to download Post Office EasyID app can already be used for completing online transactions that require proof of identity and can be used across the UK at:

  • 10,500 Post Offices for mail collection.
  • 5,000 Post Offices offering National Lottery ticket purchases or for claiming smaller prizes.
  • 13,000 Payzone outlets within convenience stores as a proof of identity or a proof of age for example when buying a national lottery ticket or age-restricted items such as cigarettes.
  • 12,000 retailers across the UK that already accept ID provided by Yoti, the digital identity company the Post Office has partnered with.

Aston spoke to Elinor Hull, Post Office identity service director and John Abbott, chief business officer at Yoti.