Posted by Aston Avery

Push for people to visit pharmacists to help ease NHS backlog and free up GP appointments

The pandemic has put huge pressure on the NHS, yet according to new figures released today, the British public is missing out on convenient healthcare close to home – at their local pharmacy.

According to a new survey from the National Pharmacy Association (NPA), over half of people visit their GPs for
minor ailments – such as earaches, dandruff, blocked noses and tummy bugs – with one in five doing so at least once every three months.

Over 50 million GP appointments could be released by people going to their pharmacy for advice instead, claims the NPA.

This week is Ask Your Pharmacist Week, an awareness drive by the National Pharmacy Association and supported by NHS England.

Aston spoke to Reena Barai, board member of the National Pharmacy Association.

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