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Reminiscing about the things that we are missing most

10th May 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

Remember when your Tamagotchi used to spice up your life? Staring at a magic eye desperately trying to see the Sailboat? Shouting at your parents to get off the phone so you could log on to MSN Messenger?

Well, you’re not alone! New research by One4All Gift Cards found that almost a quarter of UK adults (24%) feel nostalgic about their favourite trends from the past.

However, considering the internet used to be dial up and grunge encouraged teens to have long greasy hair, only 16% of UK adults want their favourite trends from the past to make a comeback!

Aston spoke to Aoife Davey from One4all Gift Cards to dissect this research further and explain how to find the perfect gift for your loved ones no matter what the latest trend is.