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Royal Mail urges customers to check their stamps

Royal Mail is advising customers to check their wallets and drawers to find and use their non-barcoded Definitive stamps before they become invalid. After 31 January 2023 Definitive stamps will not be valid for postage unless they carry the unique barcode introduced by Royal Mail in February 2022.

Today begins a 100-day countdown before barcoded stamps become invalid. With Christmas fast approaching, now is the perfect time to use up non-barcoded stamps when sending festive greetings to friends and family.

There are some non-barcoded stamps that can be used after the deadline. Customers can continue to use Special Stamps issued on a theme or to commemorate special events and non-barcoded Christmas stamps, as these will continue to be valid for postage. These cannot be swapped for barcoded stamps.

Royal Mail is keen to ensure that no customers are left out of pocket following the transition. People who cannot use their stamps before 31 Jan 2023 can swap their non-barcoded stamps for barcoded equivalents – free of charge.

Aston spoke to David Gold, director of external affairs at Royal Mail.

Photo by Ali Bakhtiari on Unsplash

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