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Sarah Willingham on mental health in business

New research has revealed the anxiety among business leaders relating to the growing role of technology in the workplace. Nearly 9 in 10 (86%) company directors and executives report suffering from ‘bytemares’; tech-related stress that’s severe enough to disrupt their sleep.

This tech anxiety could cost the economy £11.79 billion by 2030, as small businesses right up to multinationals opt to defer investment in tech transformation.

To help tackle this tech anxiety, BT is teaming up with ex-Dragon Sarah Willingham, and meditation guru Izzy Judd, to arm Britain’s business leaders with the tools to tackle tech transformation ‘head on’. Together they’ve created The Business Reboot, a series of tech-inspired guided meditations, designed help those at the helm of British businesses to hit the reset button before facing up to the tech challenges of the day.

Aston spoke to entreprenuer and former Dragon’s Den star Sarah Willingham

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