Posted by Aston Avery

Shocking levels of online violence experienced in the UK

Today (7th September), the first ever large-scale research across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to be conducted into online violence against women and girls (OVAWG) shows just how widespread the issue really is.

Online gender-based violence can take many forms such as trolling, threats, abuse, unwanted sexual remarks, malicious sharing of intimate photos and messages, among many other examples and it disproportionately effects women.

The findings reveal that over one in 10women in England have experienced online violence, with this figure increasing amongst those aged 16-24 (25%) and LGB+ women (35%). Of those women who have experienced online violence, over one in ten (13%) said it later progressed to offline violence.

The Open University surveyed 7,500 adults across the UK and the results some concerning gender divides, men in England less likely than women to support making OVAWG a criminal offence (over 50% of men strongly supporting vs over 69% women).

Aston spoke to Prof Olga Jurasz, senior lecturer in law at The Open University.

Photo by Glenn Carstens Peter on Unsplash

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