Posted by Aston Avery

Sugar crisis: how to avoid going over the recommended daily limits

When you’re hungry, sometimes the easiest thing to do is to grab the most convenient thing – but did you realise that just ONE of those snacks could be giving you over 111% of your recommended daily amount of sugar? If you weren’t, you aren’t alone.

According to new data from health snack company Graze, most (fewer than 15%) of adults can say the sugar content of popular snacks – despite around 60% actively seeking to reduce their intake.

To help tackle this Graze and the nutrition experts at the University of Glasgow have created a free to access website that you can check sugar content on quickly and easily. The #KnowAddedSugar index is user-friendly and designed to help you make informed, healthier snacking choices, and provides helpful content, as well as contextual information on added sugar quantities vs. recommended daily limits for some of our nation’s most popular treats.

Aston spoke to TV presenter and nutritionist Dale Pinnock.

Photo by Jason on Unsplash

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