Posted by Aston Avery

Teen Worries – Fifteen is the most difficult age to raise

Parents believe teenagers are the most difficult to raise at the age of 15 – due to pressure at school, particularly GCSEs and their hormones. Coping with their mood swings is the most stressful thing about parenting a teenager (35 per cent), followed by helping them to make important life choices (32 per cent) and allowing them to make their own mistakes (31 per cent).

Other stress triggers around their education include the impact of the pandemic and home-schooling on their grades (31 per cent) and living up to their parents’ and teachers’ expectations (25 per cent).

The survey by A.Vogel revealed stress has affected their teen’s mental health and confidence, making them more argumentative (37 per cent) or angry (36 per cent), while 32 per cent say their youngsters lost sleep.

Aston spoke to psychologist Professor Margareta James.

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