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The future of British dinnertime

5th November 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

We’re being told to expect a “nutritional revolution”, with the future of food being made up of high-tech devices to personalise our diets. One food futurologist, Dr Morgaine Gaye, is predicting people could be fitted with “skin-embedded sensory devices” to calculate their optimum diet and have high-tech monitors programmed to consider genetic backgrounds and any pre-existing medical conditions.

She also says health will become increasingly personalised and in the next 15-20 years meals will be tailored for particular health benefits and nutritional needs, ending the ‘one-size-fits-all’ diet culture.  Everything we consume will be nutritionally tailored and meals packed with the relevant minerals, vitamins and even bacteria. In a new report, commissioned by recipe box company Gousto, Dr Gaye also predicts the future of dinnertime will see the death of the TV dinner and an increased value placed on mealtime togetherness and shared cooking experiences.

Aston spoke to Dr Morgaine Gaye, food futurologist to uncover some of things that we could possibly see in the future regarding our British dinnertime.