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The impact of fast fashion on the planet

It’s been a momentous couple of weeks with the world focusing on climate change and as COP26 draws to a close, nearly half of people in the UK (45 per cent) have admitted they don’t care about the impact of purchasing fast fashion – despite 71 per cent agreeing it’s one of the largest contributors to the current climate crisis.

The research has uncovered Brits’ views and understanding of the role fast fashion plays on the detrimental effects on the environment.

While many feel they should be doing more to stem their consumption of fast fashion, eight out of ten ( 78%)  believe businesses have a duty to inform the public of the environmental impact of the clothing they purchase.

The research commissioned by the Christopher Nieper Foundation, is calling on the government to create a Carbon Checker, an environmental initiative for kite marks for clothing to take steps towards net-zero in the industry and incentivise the fashion business  to compete for the most sustainable supply chains.

Aston spoke to Christopher Nieper OBE.

Photo by Lauren Fleischmann on Unsplash

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