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The season of giving

20th November 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

With the Christmas season upon us, many will be starting to think about the great food, the much needed family time and, of course, the gift giving. While shoppers are annually spending £19 billion on presents, it seems a lot of us are struggling when it comes to finding the perfect gift. Only a fifth (21%) of Brits are confident gift givers who are able to easily find their loved ones their ideal present while three quarters of us are more inclined to just gift on autopilot and pick the same presents every year. However, 10 psychologically informed questions will help reveal hidden interests and passions of the giftee and therefore uncover the ideal Christmas present for them. Behavioural psychologists spent thousands of hours analysing data on present givers and receivers and found the 10 questions that can give a psychological insight into the interests, wishes and aspirations of your giftee. The psychologists created the questions from techniques that are regular used by detectives, mediators and doctors to help get the most revealing answers.

The research by TK Maxx also found that a third of Brits have repeatedly purchased the same gift five Christmases in a row, while over 1 in 10 (11%) even buy identical ‘safe’ gifts for different people. Another two thirds readily admit the presents they have bought for others have been unsuitable.

Aston spoke to Jez Rose, behavioural expert to discuss the new research and how Brits can become better Christmas gift givers with these ten questions.