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The secret to morning happiness

29th October 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

The early bird catches the worm, or so the saying goes, but not everyone is a morning person. The good news is, there’s a very simple solution in spending time with loved ones that can have long-lasting and positive psychological effects on the day ahead.

A new survey from nutella reveals the top 10 ways Britons achieve happiness in the morning and get their day off to a great start. ‘Family time’ is found to be the most popular way to start the morning (89%), which even comes above enjoying a lie in (75%).

Having a good family breakfast is the secret to having a happy morning for the overwhelming majority (78%). In fact, over half (57%) of parents claim that their happiness more than doubles when they enjoy their breakfast with their children.

While spending time with family is clearly the most preferred option, a little me time in preparation for the day ahead is also popular. Activities include hearing a favourite song on the radio (81%), two in five (41%) claim watching an episode of their favourite TV show in the morning and over a quarter (28%) state for the more traditional morning past-time of reading the papers makes them happy in the morning.

Aston spoke to Linda Blair, family psychologist who was on hand to reveal the formula to morning happiness and discuss how family togetherness at breakfast will keep everyone feeling positive throughout the day.