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The values and ethic report 2022

More than 30 million Brits feel that it is still important to invest in green energy solutions to tackle climate change and believe the environment is the biggest issue facing the UK today despite the cost-of-living crisis, new research reveals.

A new study from The Co-operative Bank shows Britons are willing to continue to pay for greener energy in spite of the cost-of-living crisis. Indeed, the majority (62%) back stronger government action to combat climate change while a similar number (61%) believe fighting climate change is the most important issue to tackle in society today.

The study coincides with the results of the Banks’ sixth Values and Ethics poll which consulted over 50,000 customers on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues – the biggest survey of its kind. These findings continually shape the banks’ own Ethical Policy which gives customers a say in how their money is used, but also how the Bank operates its business. The latest iteration of the Ethical Policy launches this week defining how the bank acts as a business, the causes it supports and the ways it uses (and won’t use) it’s customers’ money.

Aston spoke to enviromentalist and broadcaster Dr George McGavin and Maria Cearns, managing director of customer & people at Co-operative Bank.

Photo by Sies Kranen on Unsplash

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