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Third of Brits admit to snooping on partners

4th April 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

Suspicious Brits in relationships have been taking to their partner’s phones in an effort to expose cheating, with over a third (35%) freely admitting they’ve done it, new research finds.

In fact, four in ten (40%) of those who have done it say it’s a regular occurrence for them as they sneak away with their significant other’s phone at least once a week. 13% went so far as to use their sleeping partner’s finger print to unlock their phone or tablet.

The survey, commissioned by Hodge, Jones & Allen, was created after an increasing number of divorce cases cited information found on a partner’s device as examples of unreasonable behavior or adultery.

Aston spoke to Jacqueline Major who is the partner and head of family law team of HJA about the research

Jacqueline Major interview with Aston Avery